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What is considered a "good" credit score?

Answer: Since there's no one "score cutoff" used by all lenders, it's hard to say what a good score is outside the context of a particular lending decision. For example, one auto lender may offer lower interest rates to people with FICO scores above, say, 680; another lender may use 720, and so on. Your lender may be able to give you guidance on the criteria for a given credit product. For your reference, here's a break-out of FICO scores for the general US population:


Score Range

% of US
Below 620 20%
620 - 690 20%
690 - 740 20%
740 - 780 20%
Above 780 20%


Source: Copyright 2000-2003 Fair Isaac Corporation. All rights reserved. This information may be freely copied and distributed, without modification.

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