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Student Loan Lenders

Not all student loan consolidation lenders are created equal. There are plenty on the market but some have more to offer than others. When seeking out a good lender there are a few things to look for.

Top Recommended Companies To Apply For A Loan With:
(updated: )

Simple Tuition
    - This company can help you consolidate your student loans by reducing your liquid debt.
    - Save time and money by getting approved quickly.
    - Since 2006 they've have helped millions of people get the money they need and when they need it.

Personal Loans For Tuition
    - Get a tuition loan fast
    - You'll repay your loan with easy, affordable payments! Student Loans This company can save you as much as 60% on your student loans.
    - They offer student loan consolidation loans
    - They have interest rates as low as 3%
    - No collateral required and they can approve loans up to $125,000.

Look for Student Loan Lender Perks

When choosing a lender look into all of the incentives they offer. Some lenders will give you saving options at the beginning of your loan by waiving fees or offering lower than usual rates. Other lenders will give incentives to those with a good payment history by lowering rates and give a lower rate for those who elect to have the funds drafted from their bank account each month. Whether it's at the front end or during repayment, anything available to save you money is a good thing.

Look at The Service

Customer service quality is something that many people ignore until it fails them. Being able to get a representative on the phone during extended hours or on weekends can be a big deal if you've had a payment mishap or have an important question. Also, having access to your account info on the web or by phone is an important feature for staying up to date and on top of your transactions.

Look for Credibility

Don't just pick a lender out of a hat. Look into who they are and what they are about. You want a lender that is going to provide great support to you and work with you if you should encounter problems. Many schools offer a recommended list of lenders that you can trust based upon consistent high service standards, so start with these first.

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