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Low APR Credit Cards

If you have excellent or good credit, getting a good interest rate on your credit card is probably not going to be an issue. So when you get all of those offers in the mail or online, how do you choose the right card? Well, here are a few tips.

Look for Cash Back Options

Many cards offer to give a percentage of cash back to you depending on the type of purchase you make. You can get cash back for buying gas or getting groceries, things you probably do everyday. This can be great way to build a nest egg without even trying.

Look for Competitive Balance Transfer Incentives

If you have multiple credit cards and see the need to consolidate, it's good to have the ability to do so without paying a high cost. Some cards allow 0% APR financing on balance transfers for a limited amount of months. Even if you don't think you'll need this option, it's good to get-just in case you have a change of heart in the future.

Look at Frequent Flyer Mile Incentives

Getting a break on your travel costs can save you tons. If you value flying, get the most for your money. Often companies will offer a large lump sum for opening a credit card with them, or they will give extra miles per dollar spent for certain purchases. If you have multiple offers with frequent flyer incentives look at how many miles you get per dollar and look at how and when those miles can be used.

Keeping these things in mind will ensure you get the best all around deal.

Our Recommended Credit Card Companies:
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